Colon hydrotherapy is a mild way of irrigating the colon using water to remove bacteria and waste materials. It is also highly recommended to reduce and treat bloating, indigestion and constipation and may even promote weight loss.

To know how this can help, let’s discuss the function of the colon and how cleansing it is good for one’s health.

When you eat, chewing breaks down food so it can be easier to swallow. The saliva also helps to start the process of absorption, converting the food into nutrients that your body uses for energy. It then passes through the esophagus then down to your stomach which serves sort of like a mixer and grinder by secreting acid to further break down the pieces.

Colon Hydrotherapy

From there, it moves to the small intestines where it is broken down by enzymes from the pancreas into protein, fat and carbohydrates from the food particles. The liver secretes bile that passes through the gallbladder down to the small intestines.  While the small intestines, absorbs the nutrients from the food we eat, the waste products from them is excreted through the large intestines or the colon (which is actually 6 feet long) down to the rectum where they are passed outside the body in the form of stools.

On its own, the colon actually cleanses itself but it will take around three days to fully excrete the waste. However, at certain times for certain people, they may find it difficult to pass stools on a daily basis or there are certain foods that may take longer than usual to digest. Sometimes, a colon cleanse or a colonic hydrotherapy may be needed.

Eating food rich in fiber and exercising regularly to stimulate the digestive system is high advisable. But in certain cases, where people experience constipation, bloating and indigestion, a cleansing the colon might be needed.

A laxative may be a convenient option but they are not to be taken on a regular basis as your digestive system can actually develop dependency further causing chronic constipation and stomach pains.

However, rectal cleansing using enemas have faster results and are able to reach the root. Max Gerson, a scientist in the 30’s tapped on coffee enemas as part of the Gerson Therapy as a means of detoxification.

With less risks than laxatives, enemas can clear out your colon help you move your bowels faster. It pushes waste out of your system when you are unable to do so on your own.

Medisential Premium Bucket Enema Kit

An enema may be administered at home using a home enema kit. The Medisential Premium Bucket Enema Kit using Non-Toxic Medical Grade Equipment that meets American, Australian and European health standards, include a step by step guide from creating your own enema solution to administering it yourself. It is designed to be used conveniently and provides stress-free enema use.

Enema solutions you can use for colon hydrotherapy include saline water, glycerin, castile soap, coffee, lemon juice and Phosphate solution.  Follow the step by step guide included in the kit to make your enema experience relaxing and stress-free.

Consult a healthcare professional before doing enema administration by yourself. If there are symptoms such as pain or you are unable to move your bowels even after an enema, call your doctor.


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