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The MedisentialEnema Transformationprogram is a schedule that you should use in conjunction with clean eating. We encourage participants to seek professional medical advice before starting. Making major changes in the body could be dangerous and unsustainable without gradually incorporating these changes in your life under the supervision of a health professional.

Our program is designed to add small habits that build up to long-term success. By approaching health holistically, this program will not only help you move toward a healthier gut, but will also challenge you to try new things that will help you discover a healthy lifestyle that is right for you; one you can enjoy and sustain.


Phase 1: Days 1-5To ease into the program and prepare your body to rid itself of toxins, we will gradually eliminate certain foods from the diet each day that are the cause of many health-related problems and disease.


Phase 2: Days 6-16A whole food, plant-based diet combined with your enema routine helps to restore balance to the body and promote its natural ability to heal from within.


Phase 3: Days 17-21The reintroduction of foods to the diet by replacing low-quality options of the past with nutrient-dense, healthy options that will help you live the life you dream of and thrive! This is not a return to old behaviors, it’s a new lifestyle that you can (and should) continue forever.


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