Medisential Enema Kits Are Made From Premium, Non-Toxic, Medical-Grade Materials For Your Peace Of Mind.

Medisential Enema Kits
Medisential Enema Kits
Medisential Enema Kits
Medisential Enema Kits
  • Replace your Enema Nozzle Tips regularly for a hygienic and cost-effective solution, that extends the life of your enema bucket, enema bulb & enema bag.
  • So the next time you perform an enema, you'll have peace of mind that you're cleansing your colon with a fresh enema tip every time.
  • Concerned about chemical sensitivity?
  • Our enema parts are constructed of medical-grade silicone, a safer alternative to plastic and rubber enema nozzles, as well as being less porous than plastic alternatives.
  • BPA and Phthalates Free.
  • Perfect for all enema recipes as an easy, reusable option.
  • 11 side flow enema tips & 1 top end flow enema tip is provided.
Medisential Enema Kits

The main purpose of an enema procedure is to gently and safely flush out the colon.

For a successful procedure, finding the right nozzle is necessary. For those who are not used to performing enemas, this might be a difficult task since there are different types of enema nozzles available out there. In fact, there are low-quality enema kits sold at various health stores that come with hard plastic nozzles. A nozzle that is not made of premium quality can make an enema procedure painful and unbearable.

Nozzle tips must also be replaced regularly to extend the life of your enema kit. You can browse and buy enema nozzle tips online through Medisential’s website. Medisential is one of Australia’s leading providers of enema products.

Whether it is your first time trying an enema or not, you can keep calm knowing that you are using a fresh enema tip that is safe and comfortable to use!

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