Have you ever had the feeling like there was a balloon in your belly? That’s exactly what bloating feels like. It is uncomfortable, often times, annoying but it can become painful. Sometimes, bloating will go away on its own but on certain times, it may linger for a long time and there are various reasons for it.


If you are often constipated, bloating may occur. Constipation happens when you have less than three bowel movements a week. Often times, stool is hard and very difficult to pass through. Though constipation in itself is not a life-threatening condition, one must look into the root cause of the condition. The main causes of constipation are: not drinking enough fluids, eating a low fiber diet, having little or no physical activity, taking certain medications and an underlying medical condition such as irritable bowel syndrome, diabetes, pregnancy, endocrine problems, neurologic disorders and multiple organ diseases such as lupus and scleroderma.


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To improve digestion and bowel movement, eating a lot of fiber and prebiotics will do the trick if the cause is simply because of your diet and lifestyle. If constipation needs immediate relief, taking a laxative is advised but not to be used often. Enemas are a safer option and works quite faster than laxatives. You can ask a professional health person to do it for you or you can purchase an enema kit and do it yourself at home. Before giving yourself an enema, read about the preparations you should do. You can make your own enema solutions at home.  Consult a medical professional before doing it on your own. Regular exercise can also help your body run properly. It can tone the walls of your large intestines and help pass stool smoothly.


Women may experience abdominal bloating and cramping before and during their period which is due to the hormonal changes brought about by their menstrual period. Bloating can be reduced by eating food that are low in sodium, drinking water more often, avoiding alcohol (disrupts sleep and causes inflammation and swelling) and by regular exercise.


Gas is a normal part of digestion but if it builds up too much, it can cause abdominal pain and bloating. Gas occurs when food that is not properly digested is broken down into your gut. This in turn produces methane and hydrogen which is passed as gas.

Avoid foods high in fat, spicy dishes, carbonated drinks and dairy products which can cause excessive. Eating foods that are rich in nutrients and fiber can help digestion and avoid gas, abdominal bloating and pain. A diet rich in prebiotics lowers the risk for irritable bowel syndrome.


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Overeating or consuming too much calories in one sitting can cause excessive bloating and indigestion. Though there is a very high risk of eating sweets such as cake, cookies, ice cream and bread, we must not lose sight of the fact of the consequences of doing so. Cut back on eating high calorie food and reserve them for special occasions.

In summary, bloating can actually be prevented by simple changes in lifestyle and diet. So, instead of reaching for that piece of leftover cake from last night’s party, choose a healthier option to get rid of your craving for sweets and pick an apple or a banana. You won’t regret it and your gut will love you for it.


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