If you have impacted stools and constipation or you just need to cleanse your body before procedures such as colonoscopy, enemas are a good and fast solution.  Enemas in general are safe but sometimes, there can be instances of mild discomfort during the procedure of inserting them in your rectum.

Enemas don’t hurt, really, although you might feel a bit of discomfort when using an enema for the first time. Having a tube inserted in your rectum and filling it with liquid isn’t a pleasant experience but pain should not be an issue here. If done properly, the discomfort will simply go away.

The mild discomfort that a person can feel while being inserted an enema is the feeling of heaviness in your abdomen which is just the fluid from the enema filling up your abdomen. Mild muscle contractions can also be felt which is a good sign. These contractions are the muscles of your lower intestinal tract that is pushing the stools out of your body.


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However, if the pain is present, it most probably is caused by a tear in the rectal lining or hemorrhoids may cause it. If this is the case, stop the process and call a doctor or healthcare provider. If you know you have hemorrhoids or other wounds in the rectum, wait for them to heal before using an enema.

The main point to remember is to ensure safety during the process. Be prepared with everything before doing the procedure by reading and following the instructions on your enema kit. If you are unsure or have questions about anything, consult with a doctor or healthcare professional.

If and when discomfort occurs, there are simple ways to minimize them.

JUST RELAX - Practice breathing techniques and listen to calming music.  Being nervous won’t help as this tends to make your muscles tighter.

CONTRACT RECTUM MUSCLES – Contract your rectal muscles as if you were doing a bowel movement. This will make it easier for the tube to slide up.

After the procedure is done and the bag of fluid is empty, do not immediately get up.  Continue lying on your side until you feel the need to pass stools. This might take a few minutes but when you do so, get up carefully and slowly.


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