What is an enema kit?

When to Use an Enema? Is It Safe?

What is an enema kit?

An enema procedure involves putting liquid into the rectum to eliminate the bowels. It is a very effective way to treat various health disorders. However, too much use of enemas may lead to serious health complications. Due to the risks, it is best to use enemas when you are certain that it is safe for you.

Enemas administered by health professionals

Enemas can be administered by health professionals, but anyone can also use it safely at home. Let’s find out more information about the safety of enemas!

What is an enema kit?

An enema kit contains all the tools you need for an enema procedure. Enema kits are available at pharmacies. Usually, it includes a bag or a bucket, together with a tube or nozzle. There are also a lot of options online!

If you search the internet, numerous online stainless-steel enema buckets from various health providers promise high-quality products, but not all of them are true to their words.

Online stainless-steel enema buckets

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Are enemas safe?

Enemas are best administered by a doctor, but they are safe to administer at home too.

Using enemas regularly may lead to health issues. When you use enemas every day, your body may rely on it. Also, your gut muscles may weaken as time passes by.

If you are suffering from frequent constipation, there might be an underlying serious health condition. Do not rely on enemas alone. Doctors can advise more solutions, such as lifestyle and diet changes.

Are enemas safe?

If you have a weak immune system due to diseases such as leukemia, you should not use an enema due to the risk of bacteria entering your body. If your immune system is not strong enough, your body will not be able to fight against infections.

People with rectal prolapse are not advised to use an enema. People with hemorrhoids, on the other hand, are advised to take extra precautions to avoid discomfort.

People who have gone through colon surgery should avoid enemas because they have a higher susceptibility to bowel perforation.

When to use an enema?

Preparation for surgery

Enemas are effective in treating some health conditions. They also help in preparing a patient for some medical procedures. Usually, it is necessary before surgery to have an empty bowel. In times like this, enemas are greatly needed.

Preparation for Colonoscopy surgery


A colonoscopy is a procedure where a camera is used to inspect the health of the rectum. Enemas before colonoscopy are necessary because the bowel has to be emptied before the procedure. The patient also needs to limit the food he/she eats several days before the medical procedure. Enemas are also recommended to ensure the elimination of bowels.


Enemas are commonly used for constipation relief. The two main types of enemas are cleansing enemas and retention enemas. Designed to be retained but only for a short period, a cleansing enema strictly uses a water-based solution. A retention enema, however, is usually oil-based and is designed to be retained for at least 15 minutes before being flushed out.


Aside from enemas, a healthy diet and a few lifestyle changes are what’s needed to treat constipation completely. 


Medication can be administered through an enema. There are cases when an enema is able to deliver a type of medication by transporting the medicine through the blood vessels in the rectum. People with inflammatory bowel disease can treat their health problems through enemas.

The Bottom Line

Relief from constipation completely

Enemas help treat various health conditions and are needed for certain medical procedures. Nevertheless, regular use of enemas may result in serious problems, and it is always best to seek advice from a medical professional.

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