There are many different sources & posts out there that provides insights into why & when an Enema should be done, correlative to the numerous benefits of undergoing an Enema.

Following this question, there re many different users of Enema, there are those who uses Enemas for Cleansing, Constipation or Sex Preparation. 

For this purpose, we will focus on the purpose of Cleansing & Constipation.

*We recommend that you first consult with a related Health Professional prior to use & follow their guidelines as to "when" & "how often" you should perform an Enema.

1.) When you need  Inner Cleansing:

For Cleansing purposes, this truly depends on the goal you are trying to achieve. Are you trying to cleanse your colon as per instructions from your related Health Professional? Are you an expert user who's had experience in performing an Enema once a month? Or are you a regular user who enjoys conducting an Enema weekly. There are no one right answer as to how often you should perform an Enema. It truly depends on what you are trying to achieve.

However, generally, regular use will provide best results for the user (Few days intervals/Weekly/Monthly), we suggest you pin point exactly what problem you have & what result you wish to achieve, then consult with a related Health Professional to provide their recommendation.


2.) During Constipation:

In relation to Constipation relief, the standard process is similar, by referring to firstly refer to a related Health Professional, then to perform an Enema according to the severity of your constipation. For severe cases of Constipation, you must first consult with a Medical Professional prior to use, as the problem/issue may not simply be "Constipation", hence we stress the importance of the severity of your Constipation, through the measurement of the number of days, you are unable to "relief" yourself in the toilet. All this being said, an Enema can be conducted to relieve light/mild constipation which can be conducted regularly, potentially, once a week, or once a fortnight/month OR when you are undergoing constipation?

*For other "Uses" (E.g. Medical Practice, sex preparation, etc), the "when" depends on your requirements & instructions from a related professional/regular user with experience.



When during the day should I do an enema?

Enеmаѕ аrе bеѕt dоnе in thе mоrning ѕооn аftеr аnѕwеring nаturе'ѕ саll. A rеlаtivеlу сlеаn colon hеlрѕ rеаlizе the fullеѕt bеnеfitѕ оf аn еnеmа bу аllоwing аn unоbѕtruсtеd flоw оf thе water intо thе соlоn. If nесеѕѕаrу, it may bе wiѕе tо hаvе a mild lаxаtivе thе night bеfоrе tо аѕѕiѕt in a сlеаn соlоn bеfоrе thе еnеmа process iѕ undеrtаkеn

It is Recommended to do it in the morning on an empty stomach, after a bowel movement. If you’re severely constipated, it truly depends on you requirement. Allow for approximately 30 minutes for setup, the enema process, and clean-up post Enema.



To Eat or Not to Eat, before an Enema?

Ideally, try to eat light meals the day before and day of the enema (or perform the enema on an empty stomach). Most users, go for a vegetarian diet of easy-to-digest fruits and vegetables & drink plenty of water to remain hydrated.

Avoid flour-based food(s), hydration drinks, alcohol, eggs and meat. And smoking is never a good idea, before an enema.

Remember, Enema is one side of cleansing & detoxification...you must complement the process with a balanced diet, regular exercise & ample rest and professional consultation to obtain best results for your well-being

*Again, we stress to Sanitize, before & after use, to ensure hygiene as priority for prolonged use!


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