An enema is basically injecting fluid in the rectum used to clean or empty the contents of the bowel. This has been a long time practice to relieve constipation and soften hard stools. Constipation for some people is a chronic problem and an enema is one of the safest way to treat the condition. Enemas are also used to administer medication into the body. It also serves as a pre-surgery preparation especially when the surgery involves the lowed intestines or rectum.

There are several types of enemas. One is the cleansing enema, which is usually water-based and involves retaining the solution inside the rectum for a few minutes in order to empty the contents. The cleansing enema is further classified into two types. First one is the large volume enema, which is a treatment for constipation. The amount of fluid to be injected amounts to 500 – 1000ml. You need to hold the fluid in your anus for a long time to completely wash down the stools. And the second, which is the small volume enema which is used to clean the lower part of the colon. Fluid is around 500ml.

Enema Cleansing Kit

An oil retention enema is used for people who have hard stools. An oil solution, typically mineral oil aids in softening the stools. To get effective results, solution should be retained for an hour.

Enema solutions depend on what you are using an enema for. The most common is a saline solution which is a combination of salt and water. Glycerin can also be used to stimulate the lining of the gut. Castile soap, coffee and phosphate solutions are also popular choices to help you poop better.

Sometimes, a doctor uses a type of laxative called bisacodyl especially when preparing for a medical procedure such as colonoscopy. Mineral oil is a lubricant and laxative at the same time and assists people afflicted with hemorrhoids. For purposes of treating medical conditions such as ulcerative colitis, doctors give mesalamine or other aminosalicylic medications through enemas.

Certain substances can also be used as solutions such as lemon juice, tea and milk to simply cleanse and detoxify the body but before using any solutions aside from the one commonly used, it is advisable to seek medical advice before doing the procedure.

Enemas can be performed in a medical setting such as a clinic or hospital but it can also be done at home. Enema kits are available over the counter at any pharmacy or online. Be sure to read instructions carefully and take all necessary precautions. You can also watch here for a more detailed instructions on how to administer an enema by yourself.

Enemas are technically painless with minimal risks if done properly. Always keep your enema equipment sterile and avoid sharing it with other people to minimize infection. Make sure the solution you are using is at the right temperature, neither hot nor cold. And use the exact amount of liquid prescribed in the instructions. It is also important to use equipment that has meet American, European and Australian standards of Non-Toxic Medical Grade Equipment such as the Medisential Premium Enema Bucket Kit or the Premium Enema Bag Kit. Both come with step by step guide on how to use the kit.



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