Basically, a coffee enema is injecting coffee inside the rectum at room temperature. A coffee enema is one of the most popular alternative cancer therapy. The Gerson Regimen which was developed by Max Gerson in the 1930’s focused on eating fresh and raw vegetables, removing salt from the diet and using coffee enemas to detoxify the liver.

Most often, coffee enemas are administered using an enema kit that can be purchased over the counter and online.

Other alternative medicine practitioners supported this practice due to the ability of coffee enemas to rapidly detoxify the body to speed up healing. However, it is important to know what type of coffee to use as enemas because there is certainly a number of varieties of coffee in the market to choose from.

Here are a number of tips on how to pick the right one for your enema solution.

Organic Coffee

If and when possible, choose organic coffee over the regular coffee that can be purchased in supermarkets. Regular coffee especially the ones in bottles have added chemicals due to spraying of fertilizers and other pesticides. Do bear in mind that coffee enemas are used to detoxify your body and it is not wise to use chemical laden instant or regular coffee. A lot of the chemicals used are toxic and poisonous to the human body.

No to Decaffeinated Coffee

Well, if you want a coffee enema, it is only logical to use coffee in its natural form because the main objective of a coffee enema is to dispel toxic waste material from your body and caffeine stimulates the bile ducts to help excrete the cancerous toxic products through the intestinal tract.
Coffee Enema Kits
If your stomach reacts to caffeine or somehow, you cannot tolerate it, don’t worry because if used as an enema, it will not be absorbed by the bloodstream.

Dry Beans, Preferred

Do not use too oily coffee but then over dried coffee isn’t too good either so try to find the freshest coffee that you can, one that isn’t too dry or too oily. Check the packaging for certain information such as the location of where and when was it harvested, when it was roasted (just a heads up that when they say that coffee stays fresh for up to four weeks from when it was roasted, the actual estimate is 1 to 2 weeks). Reading up on the information will make your coffee enema experience relaxing and convenient.

Use Wet Processed Coffee

Though most of the coffee around use dry process, the most applicable to use as enemas are those that are wet processed. Wet processed coffee have less mycotoxins. Mycotoxins are molds that grown on crops which include coffee and can cause a lot of health problems such as immune deficiency and cancer.

Avoid Coffee Blends

While coffee blends are certainly more preferred by coffee lovers, whole bean from only one source is better for enemas because single source coffee makers have higher standards of processing and they are done with utmost care rather than coffee that comes from different places. Coffee blend makers simply mix them together until they get a taste that suits their customers.

Overall, coffee enemas are beneficial to a person’s health if done the right way using the right type coffee.



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