What is Mucoid Plaque?

What is Mucoid Plaque?

Mucoid plaque is believed to be a cluster of mucus lining in the GI tract. It is a non-medical term created by Richard Anderson, ND, NMD. Some natural and medical health experts support its existence.

 The human intestines can hold a huge volume of partially digested spoiling matter (together with harsh chemicals) for years. When autopsied, some intestines are as heavy as 40 pounds and filled with layers of mucus and fecal matter that looks like a dark green or black tire rubber! This is called the mucoid plaque. Eliminating this substance through a serious colon cleanse shows that they vary considerably.

They could be thick and firm, while some are soft and rubbery. Take note that they are not the same as the mucosal lining (also known as mucosa) of the G.I. tract.

Medical research shows that this substance forms as a natural self-defense measure from uncommon toxins. Studies also show that its occurrence is not normal to people with healthy bodies. It is only found in bodies that are not in a perfect state of health. Many believe that if your body is in its best condition, it will not produce any of it because there is no need for it!

A body that is chronically being put under the attack of alcohol, salt, toxic chemicals, and other harmful substances automatically produces mucoid plaque as natural protection.

The problem is, once it forms, it is not normally eliminated from the intestines. It will stay there for a long time, even decades. Over time, it will grow thicker and larger, filling up your intestines. Even worse, old fecal matters stick to it and are not eliminated through a normal bowel movement.

Even though mucoid plaque is a natural defense action of the intestines, it simply shows that your intestines are not in their best condition. If your intestines are not healthy, you are not healthy too.

For this reason, a regular colon cleanse is necessary to clear out all the toxins from the body. When the intestines are suffering from toxicity, an enema procedure is beneficial. This procedure consists of inserting a tube into the rectum, to place a liquid solution into the colon. It is recommended for constipation and preparation for a medical procedure such as colonoscopy. If you want to take care of your health, an enema is one of the easiest and best ways to do a colon cleanse!


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