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New to Coffee Enemas? Here are 5 Helpful Tips

Are you planning to try a coffee enema? Are you wondering where you can buy coffee enema kits for sale?

A coffee enema is a procedure where you insert a coffee solution into your rectum that will detoxify the colon. For years, coffee enemas have been used to assist in the treatment of constipation, IBS, liver disorders, and even cancer.

When used regularly, coffee enemas can improve digestive function and treat various digestive health problems.

Coffee enemas, if administered properly, are not dangerous to your health. Most people who use coffee enemas do not experience complications or negative symptoms. However, it is still necessary to consult a health professional if you do not have enough knowledge or experience with enemas.

Health Professional for Coffee Enema

Here are a few side effects of coffee enemas if not used properly:

  • It can lead to dehydration
  • It can cause a painful sensation during insertion
  • It can result in electrolyte imbalance
  • It can trigger those with caffeine sensitivity (if too much coffee is used)
  • it can damage the rectum if the temperature is not checked


If you are new to coffee enemas, here are 5 helpful tips to remember:


  1. Prepare the right tools!

There are different types of coffee enema kits for sale. It is very important that you find a high-quality product to ensure a safe and successful enema experience.


  1. Choose organic coffee.

Coffee is such a wonderful drink. However, it also happens to contain high levels of chemicals and pesticides. Apparently, coffee is also covered in fungus and mold. Whether you use coffee for a morning drink or you use it as an enema solution, it is best to get organic coffee. In that way, you can guarantee that you are putting a pesticide-free coffee in your body.


Organic Coffee


  1. Observe the right ratio for you

One of the common questions asked about coffee enemas is, What is the right coffee-to-water ratio?” If you find yourself asking this question, you are not alone. People who are new to administering enemas experienced nausea and cramping during their first try. These symptoms are usually tied to not starting with only a low dose of coffee.

In the end, the right ratio varies from one person to another. Because each body responds differently, it is advised that you start with a low dose first, and gradually increase according to your bodys reaction.


  1. Make sure the coffee temperature is right

Aside from finding the right ratio, the right temperature is also an important part of a coffee enema procedure.

Coffee Enema Procedure

See to it that the solution is not too cold or too hot. It should be, at all times, at body temperature! If you fail to check the temperature, it will be harder to administer and retain the solution. In addition, you are putting yourself at risk of damaging or hurting yourself.


  1. Before anything else: RELAX

To ensure a successful enema procedure, it is necessary that you relax your mind and body. The more you are relaxed, the easier it is to administer a coffee enema.

Coffee Enema

Choose a place where you are comfortable. Some prefer to lie on the floor, while some do it in the bathtub.

In addition, plan ahead what you can do while retaining the enema. You can read your favorite book, watch YouTube videos, listen to music, or do a simple meditation. What matters is you try to relax and avoid any distractions.


We hope these tips are helpful!

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