Improving Your Mental Health and Your Gut

Did you know that your gut microbiome is a plays a major role in your mood and mental health? The gut houses trillions of bacteria and microorganisms that allow nutrients to enter your body and blocks off toxins and yes, also can influence your brain. Stress makes our bodies release cortisol, the stress hormone which can raise up sugar in the bloodstream. If your gut microbiome is imbalanced, this can gravely affect your mood.

The Gut Brain Connection

Have you ever had stomach problems when you are feeling anxious or stressed? Pretty sure your answer would be, yes. This proves that there is a strong connection between your gut and your brain.

The gut-brain axis or GBA actually is a communication system between your brain and the gut which are connected. Your brain contains neurons and these cells tell the body how to function. Coincidentally, your gut also contains neurons and these neurons are connected to the brain via the nervous system.

How To Maintain a Healthy Gut and Stay Happy

Okay so, we all know that the first thing to do is to get therapy for mood and mental disorders. A psychiatrist may even prescribe an anti-depressant but one must not neglect to look after their gut. Looking at it from a different perspective, maintaining a healthy gut will also make you happy and stress-free.

First, change your diet. Your diet plays a major part in making your gut healthy. Avoid high calorie, high sugar and high in fat foods. Replace them with food that are in high in fiber such as broccoli, oats, bananas, apples, whole grain cereals, and others that can help digestion.

Second, adding probiotics to your diet will ensure the balance of good bacteria in your microbiome. Examples of food high in probiotics are yogurt, apple cider vinegar, kefir, sauerkraut, pickles, kimchi and certain cheese. Okay, some of them may not really be to your liking. But if somehow you cannot really tolerate them, there is another way of ingesting probiotics into your body and that is through an enema.

A probiotic enema is administering probiotics into the colon with the use of an enema. It can be easily done at home using an enema kit. Use Medisential’s Premium Enema Bucket Kit for optimum results and a more stress-free experience. It comes with a step-by-step guide to make things much easier for even the first-time user. Be sure however to consult a medical professional before administering the enema yourself. Probiotic enemas are advisable for people who have digestive problems and cannot tolerate probiotics through eating.

Another option is to take probiotic supplements. Make sure the supplements include Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium and Saccharomyces boulardii which help ease IBD and diarrhea and improves overall digestion.

In Conclusion:

Gut health is very important for a variety of reasons and that includes mental health. While getting adequate therapy and taking medications may help ease your mood or mental problems, maintaining a balanced gut microbiome is a key element in treating mental problems especially depression, anxiety and stress.
Eat well and be happy.


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