Cleansing Enemas VS Retention Enemas

Cleansing Enemas VS Retention Enemas

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What are enemas?


Constipation is something that nobody wants to experience. It is a condition where the natural movement of your bowels slows down, making it hard to release. Some people experience constipation as a chronic issue that demands an intervention, such as laxatives or an enema procedure.

Constipation as a chronic issue

An enema is a procedure that is recommended to cleanse the colon prior to certain surgeries or tests. Your bowel must be released before these procedures to lower the risk of infection and avoid stools from getting in the way.

When toxins and stools build up in the colon, many enema advocates believe that it results in health problems such as headaches, depression, and allergies. Using enemas has been proven able to provide relief.

What Are the 2 Types of Enemas?

The two main types of enemas are retention enemas and cleansing enemas. What are the differences? Let’s find out.

  1. Cleansing enemas

A cleansing enema uses a water-based solution. It is designed to be retained but only for a short period until the body releases the fluid together with the toxins and impacted stool in the bowel.

Cleansing Enema is a Water-Based Solution

The common cleansing enemas are:

  • Water enemas

    - Water enemas are the safest of all cleansing enemas. Find a clear silicone enema bag online and try it at home!
  • Saline enemas -

  • A saline solution is a mixture of salt and water. It is primarily used because it is able to expand the colon and trigger a bowel movement.
  • Epsom salt enemas

    An Epsom salt solution is the same as a water or saline solution. However, it is rich in magnesium and believed to be more powerful in relieving constipation.
  • Lemon juice enemas

    - Lemon juice combined with water is able to provide the proper balance of your body’s pH levels.
  • Soap-suds enemas

    - A water solution combined with castile soap or a different mild soap (preferably organic) can gently irritate the bowel and encourage a bowel movement.
  • Apple cider vinegar enemas

    - Enema advocates believe that combining water and apple cider vinegar is quick to stimulate the bowel. Not only that, it contains anti-viral properties that can improve the condition of your digestive system.

Herbal Enema Solution

  1. Retention enemas

A retention enema, on the other hand, is meant to be retained for a long period (at least 15 minutes) before being eliminated.

The common retention enemas are:

  • Coffee enemas -

    One of the most-loved enemas are coffee enemas - a combination of organic coffee and filtered water. It is proven effective in detoxifying the colon. Coffee enemas have been popularized by Max Gerson, a doctor who uses enemas in his practice to help with cancer treatment.
  • Probiotic enemas

    - Combining probiotics in your enema solution is also able to cleanse the colon and colonize your good bacteria in the gut.
  • Herbal enemas

    - There are many options if you prefer an herbal enema solution. Herbal enemas provide nutritional and anti-inflammatory benefits, depending on what ingredients you use. Choose from garlic, catnip tea, and many other options.


Constipation Relief

Enemas are designed to assist in constipation relief and colon cleansing. The two main types of enemas are cleansing enemas and retention enemas. Whichever you use, both are powerful enough to promote regularity and treat constipation.

Mild enemas, such as water and saline, provide fewer risks. However, consulting a health professional is advised before trying one at home. Also, ensuring the quality of the tools you use and properly using them is important for safety.

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