To put it in simple words, anal douching is the process of squirting water in your rectum. For what reason? Well, first off, we all know that poops passes through the anus. And if you are doing anal sex, or simply want to clean your rectum, rinsing it with water using a douche provides a really deep cleansing. Although regular bowel movement and eating fiber rich foods is a good way of keeping your gut healthy, some people really feel the need to totally clean the last part of their large intestines.


Is it safe? That depends on how often you do it and on what you use. Though anal douching is not really necessary, if you do feel the need to do it, then just do it! Anal douching is safe if done once or twice a week, no more than that. Douching more than what is needed can actually increase the risk for infection since it washes away the protective lining inside your body. This is not recommended for people with fissure or hemorrhoids as it might injure them more and can be extremely painful.



Douche Bulb – A douche bulb is a reusable bulb with a nozzle that can be filled with warm water. Insert the nozzle into your anus and gently squeeze the bulb to release water inside your rectum. This provides a shallow cleansing. Douche bulbs can be bought over the counter in pharmacies and online. The link here shows you a step by step guide on how to assemble the Medisential Enema Bulb Pack.

Water Bag Enema – A water bag enema is different from a douche bulb because instead of a bulb, what is attached to the hose or nozzle is an enema bag. Simply fill the bag with warm water and gently squeeze that bag to release its contents inside your rectum. The disadvantage of a water bag enema is that it holds water more than the necessary amount needed for douching and you cannot control the amount of water it releases. However it is more convenient to use since it comes with a hook so you can simply hang the bag and you won’t need to squeeze it.
Fleet Enemas - Fleet enemas are over the counter enemas that are prefilled with saline solution to relieve constipation or used for bowel cleansing before a rectal exam. They are safer and faster to use however, if there are symptoms of pain, bleeding and irritation, you need to consult a health professional before proceeding further.


  • Use only warm water.
  • If it is your first time using, just squeeze in water for only around 10 seconds, hold the water in a bit then breathe out and release.
  • Use lubricants such as KY Jelly when necessary. Do not force the nozzle in. It should pass through your butt hole gently without force.
  • Avoid using anything else except warm water. Using other solutions especially those with chemicals may cause harmful effects to your gut.
  • Never rush things. Relax and take it slow.
Remember to always keep your douche bulb or enema sterile. Do not let anyone else use it because it may increase your chances of getting STD, HIV and other infections.
Douching is a matter of choice. Again, as mentioned, if you have a diet high in fiber already is enough to clean your gut and rectum. But for people who feel the need to do it, please take all necessary precautions and safety measures.


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