10 Best Enema Solutions

10 Best Enema Solutions

An enema is a method known to assist in clearing out bowels and treating constipation. However, a lot of people use them for other health benefits, such as removing excessive toxins in the body and supporting weight loss.

If you want to know more about the best enema solutions today, you are at the right place!

1. Water enema solution - 

Water enema is, without a doubt, the safest enema solution. It has the lowest risk of irritation since it only uses water as an ingredient.

2. Saline enema solution - 

Saline, or salt water, is another least irritating solution. It imitates the sodium concentration of your body. Due to its ability to enlarge the colon, it can effectively assist defecation.

3. Epsom salt enema solution-

This solution is almost identical to water enema or saline enema. However, its difference is it is rich in magnesium.

Epsom salt enema solution

Epsom salt is believed to be way more helpful when it comes to soothing your muscles and treating constipation.

4. Soap suds enema solution - 

If you choose to add mild soap to your solution, such as castile soap, it will cause mild irritation to the bowel and triggers a quick elimination of stool.

5. Lemon juice enema solution- 

If you squeeze some lemons and mix the juice with water, you will have a solution that is not just effective in detoxifying the colon, but also effective in balancing your body’s pH levels.

Lemon juice enema solution

6. Apple cider vinegar enema solution -

People who support enema declare that combining water and apple cider vinegar gives you a solution that contains antiviral properties. If administered through an enema, it will not only eliminate the stool but also provide healing properties to the digestive system.

7. Herbal enema solution -

Another top option for enema advocates is using herbs in their solution. Herbal enemas are more powerful in providing healing effects compared to drinking a cup of tea!

Herbal enema solution

Herbs such as catnip tea, garlic, and aloe are some of the best options. Mixing them with water gives you an enema solution rich in anti-inflammatory and antiviral benefits.

8. Mineral oil enema solution -

Mineral oil enema is another best treatment for constipation. It mainly works by providing lubrication to the stools inside the colon. It seals it with water and promotes elimination.

9. Probiotic enema solution -

Probiotic enema? Yes! Combining water and probiotics gives you a detoxifying solution while assisting in the promotion of beneficial gut bacteria. Lactobacillus reuteri enema solutions have been proven effective in lowering inflammation in kids suffering from ulcerative colitis.

10. Coffee enema solution -

Coffee enemas are one of the most loved enemas today. It has become popular due to Max Gerson, a doctor that used it to provide treatment for cancer patients. Basically, it is a blend of water and brewed coffee (preferably organic). It is believed to detoxify the colon, removing all impurities.

Coffee enema solution


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