Coffee Enemas


Detox with Coffee Enemas

A coffee enema is a tried and tested method for colon cleansing. Do you want to learn about them and how they work when it comes to detoxification? Read on.


What Exactly are Coffee Enemas?

Way back in the 1800s, coffee enemas were used as a treatment to cure various health disorders and eliminate harmful toxins from the liver. Coffee enemas are just like water enemas. The only difference is mixing in organic coffee with the water solution. The moment the enema solution enters the rectum, your body absorbs the caffeine from the coffee. The caffeine contains properties that cause as irritant to your liver. As a result, it triggers the liver bile ducts to release toxins.

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Important Things to Remember About Coffee Enemas

  • A coffee enema is a quick and effective way to cleanse the body from toxins
  • A coffee enema is a great substitute for pain relievers
  • A coffee enema is different from drinking coffee because it enters the body in different ways
  • A coffee enema does not affect the normal process of bowel movement
  • A coffee enema must be administered using an enema bucket made of stainless steel (so acids won’t leach chemicals)


What are the Health Benefits?

Since coffee enemas flush out your liver and gallbladder from toxins, your body experiences a deep detox. As a result, your body will experience relief from pain and other health disorders. When harmful toxins accumulate in the body, it pollutes the blood which leads to numerous health problems. When the toxins are eliminated, you will experience more vitality, mental clarity, and overall calmness in your mind and body.

Coffee enemas provide calmness in mind and body

  • A coffee enema is safe to do at home
  • A coffee enema is able to strengthen your body by freeing it from toxins
  • A coffee enema stimulates the elimination of toxins accumulated in the liver
  • A coffee enema assist in eliminating candida and bacteria in your colon
  • A coffee enema helps boost mood and provide mental clarity
  • A coffee enema is able to treat body aches, allergies, and arthritis
  • A coffee enema is more powerful when done along with eating a healthy diet


Is It Safe?

Coffee enemas are safe. However, it is best to consult your doctor before trying one. Keep in mind that a coffee enema is not that same thing as drinking a cup of coffee. Even though many people experience an improvement in their health, coffee enemas are still not recommended for everyone. People who have serious health issues or currently going through chemotherapy are not advised to undergo a coffee enema procedure.

Coffee enemas are safe 

Consult your doctor if…

  • You are undergoing chemotherapy at the moment
  • You are suffering from cardiac, renal, or respiratory failure
  • You have Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s Disease, Hypertension, Tachycardia
  • You experience bleeding in the colon tract
  • You have an acute or chronic diarrhea
  • You are 6 weeks post-surgery
  • You are pregnant


The Bottom Line

Through the years, our livers accumulate tons of toxins. The food we eat, the water we drink, and even the air we breathe are contaminated, causing a heavy burden on our livers. Thankfully, a deep detox using a coffee enema can help us feel and stay healthy!

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Important reminder: Coffee enemas must be done along with organic juicing. Doing so will guarantee that your body keeps the right balance of minerals and electrolytes it needs. Detox and nutrition are inseparable. Both are equally important!


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