Intermittent fasting is a type of fasting that involves varying meal timing schedules that allow people to fast between periods of non-fasting. Some of these methods include daily time-limited feeding and periodic fasting. It is common knowledge that it is an effective way to lose weight but is it good for your gut?
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A coffee enema is a natural detoxification method that has been used by many people for its health benefits. A coffee enema is done in a similar way to an enema, but instead of water, you use pure organic coffee as the liquid. Coffee enemas are thought to help with detoxification and healing processes in the body as well as improve digestion and absorption of nutrients from food. Many people also claim that it helps relieve symptoms like bloating, constipation, and other digestive issues. 
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Enema Bulb or an Enema Bucket?

Enemas have been around for years, and they are still popular today. There are many different types of enemas, but the most common type is the enema bulb. It is a small bag or container that holds the liquid used to cleanse your colon. An enema bucket is another way to administer an enema. A bucket has a large opening at the top so that it can hold more liquid than an enema bulb.

Both ways to administer an enema are similar in that they both require some sort of lubricant to help reduce friction when inserted into your rectum. The main difference between these two methods is how much fluid can be held within each container. While both options are effective at cleaning out your colon, there are some instances where one might be better suited for use over another option such as traveling with only one container for travel purposes or if you have limited space available for storage at home.
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Did you know that your gut microbiome has a huge impact on your health?

There's a reason why we're so obsessed with probiotics these days. The trillions of bacteria that live in our guts are responsible for keeping us healthy, and the more diverse our gut microbiomes are, the better.

We all know that diet matters when it comes to our overall health, but what we might not realize is how much diet can influence our microbiomes. What we eat determines which microbes live on us and how they grow. If you want to feed the good guys and starve the bad ones, you need to learn about the best foods for your gut microbiome—and avoid the worst ones!
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People tend to think of the gut and skin as two separate entities—but there's a connection between them.

The skin is the largest organ in our bodies, and it's all about protecting us from the outside world. But what you might not know is that the gut is also an important part of your body's immune system. So if you're not taking care of your gut, you could be putting yourself at risk of developing skin issues.

That's why we're here: to help you understand how to take care of your gut so you can have clear skin!
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Sometimes, when you're on the keto diet, it can be a little tough to go to the bathroom.

That's because when you're eating a high-fat, low-carb diet, your body becomes more efficient at using fat as an energy source instead of glucose (a.k.a. carbohydrates). This process is called ketosis.

But there are ways to combat this common side effect of keto! Read our blog to find out.
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