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What's Included:


1 x (2 Quarts) Stainless Steel Enema Bucket (Safe, Non Toxic & Reusable) - Lightweight & Easy to Clean.

Bucket Enema Kit




1 x Silicone Hose (Non-Toxic & Odourless) & 1 x Water Flow Clamp (For Adjustable Water-Flow Control)



1 x Re-Usable Portable Storage Bag (Black), Conveniently provided for Future & Regular Use.



1 x Full Set of Tips:

(3 Types of Tips to Use - Safe, 
  •  Odourless, BPA & Phthalates Free

    1 Short Standard Tip + 1 Standard Long Tip + 3 Soft Flexible Tips with White Connector.





    1 x Silicone Enema Bulb (Safe, Comfortable & Easy to Use)

    This Douche is NON-TOXIC (BPA & PHTHALATES FREE) - A suitable Douche for both men/women. Well-designed & Easy to Use Silicone Enema Bulb with a 7 oz capacity, and a thin Tip of approx 2.32 inch, designed for Comfort & Ease of Use.





    1 x Instructions Manual & E-Book Included.



    "How to Assemble your Enema Kit."

    1. Begin by opening & laying out all parts on a flat surface. 
    2. Before each use, thoroughly clean the equipment with warm, soapy water (or use warm water & white vinegar). Rinse the bucket and tubing with fresh, clean water thoroughly & Dry accordingly.
    3. Now, attach one end of the silicone hose to the tip of the enema bucket (as shown above). Then, attach the provided white connector to the other end of the hose (already pre-assembled to one of the Soft Silicone Tips provided). You have have been provided with 3 Soft Silicone Tips, 1 Hard Tip & 1 Long Tip. Use accordingly as per your discretion.
    4. Double check the silicone insertion tip is connected properly to the hose & the hose is securely connected to the connection point of the bucket. Double check all parts are properly connected (ensure the clamp is pressed down to block water-flow in the middle of the hose, not the tip - Please refer to the above illustration) & once done, you are ready to go.
    5. Are you ready to begin? (Set aside approximately 30 - 35 minutes)
    6. Double Check that the clamp has been pressed down, to block water flow. If yes, proceed to the next step.
    7. Fill the enema bucket with clean purified water (it is not safe to use standard tap water for hygiene purposes) at body temperature (90-100F) OR any recipe/solution you've chosen to use (E.g. Coffee Enema, etc - Must be Certified & Safe to Use). Do not use hot water! 
    8. Hang the enema bucket using the bucket's handle, around 1 metre above the floor (using a door handle works effectively well). Enemas use gravity to work, so this is important. Hang the bucket at moderate heights for ease of use/refill/monitor of water levels. Do not place the bucket too far away from you.
    9. Relax & Begin your Enema Process...




    "Step by step Instructions on giving yourself an Enema."

    1. When you’re all ready to go (After understanding the process, results you are trying to achieve & after having consulted with a related health professional/expert) & properly set up, relax your mind/body...apply lubricant to the insertion tip. E.g. Coco oil is a great natural choice, or you can use any personal lubricant you’re comfortable with.
    2. Lay on your right side (or according to your personal preference or recommendation) on the ground near where you’ve hung the enema bucket. Bring your knees up to your waist.
    3. Very slowly, carefully insert the tip (Whichever tip you have chosen to use).
    4. Gradually release clamp (Ref to above image on how to loosen the Clamp) until the water is flowing steadily & at a comfortable pace through the hose. Take deep Breaths & Relax.
    5. Starting from your lower left side, gently massage your stomach area with your palm or 4 fingers. Move gradually across to the lower right side
    6. When the water (or other liquid that you chose to use) has flowed through the silicone tube, take deep breaths, relax and retain for as long as you can, up to 15 minutes. Breathe, Relax & take notice of how much liquid you are comfortable with/as per what is recommended to you by your health expert. Everyone is different..
    7. Once ready, sit on the toilet and release. 
    8. Cleanse yourself & take a moment to breathe & relax for a minute, until you feel that you're ready to continue with your day.
    9. Once done, please ensure you thoroughly wash out your enema bucket with clean/warm water after each use.This is crucially important if you are using any other solution than water for your enema as stainless steel can have adverse reactions if left to dry for long periods with solutions such as those containing salt or non natural solution(s). Clean all parts thoroughly with warm, soapy water (or use warm water & white vinegar). Rinse the bucket and tubing with fresh, clean water thoroughly. Ensure that it is dried properly, for future & prolonged use of the Kit! Once done, store in the drawstring storage bag provided.
    10. Done...



    "After an Enema."

    After you’ve done an Enema, it is a good idea to:

    • Take deep Breaths.
    • Sanitise & Cleanse Yourself & the Equipment for hygiene purposes.
    • Drink plenty of water over the next few days to reduce any detox symptoms.
    • Consult with your Health/Medical expert to update them on how you feel.
    • Take a Pro-Biotic supplement to keep a healthy balance of good bacteria in your gut
    • Consume a glass of fresh Vegetable Juice. As part of Gerson Therapy, a glass of juice is recommended to help restore electrolytes (such as Magnesium & Potassium) lost during the Enema process.
    • Remember to always maintain a Healthy Diet, morning, afternoon & night.



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