Freedom from toxic health

Let’s talk about the Toxic Health and Wellness Culture

Are you obsessed with health? Have you ever felt like you are in an endless cycle of finding the solution to your health problems? Do you feel like you are constantly trying a new diet, a new supplement, and a new health practitioner?

If your answer is YES, you are not alone. Many of us, unknowingly, have fallen into the trap of being a part of this toxic culture. The truth is, focusing too much on our health is what’s causing more health problems.

Are you too focused on nourishing foods and natural treatments? Do you want freedom from toxic health and wellness culture?

By now, more people are coming to realize that most things about the “health and wellness” lifestyle are toxic. There are endless food restrictions, supplement protocols, and unique diets. They are so much that they feel quite normal.

If you got a headache, you may probably have to visit a functional doctor. If you get a rash, it is probably because of your diet. If you are experiencing hair fall, it might be due to a nutrient deficiency so you gotta start taking supplements ASAP!

It seems like the solution to every symptom is found in eating the right foods, taking the right supplements, and searching for the right practitioner.

What’s even worse are the chronic health issues that are so mysterious, causing people to go around in circles, trying a whole lot of things and spending millions of dollars, and then finding themselves back right where they started.

Do you want to know the truth? This endless cycle of diets, restrictions, protocols, and supplements is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It looks goods, feels great, and sounds healthy, but it’s an endless cycle leading to more illness instead of wellness.

You will be surprised to know that the root cause of most health issues people have are not in the gut but in the mind!

Nourishing Foods


There Is No Magical Solution

This toxic health and wellness culture has been successful in manipulating countless people into believing they are sick and they should find the next big “answer” for their bodies to be at their best.

This toxic health and wellness culture makes us all believe that our bodies, on their own, are not able to self-regulate.

This toxic health and wellness culture makes us all believe there is a magical solution that could make all our health issues go away.

But here’s the truth: There is no magical solution. There is no special diet, special supplement, or special doctor out there to save you from all your health concerns.

The toxic health and wellness culture we all live in has turned the health craze into a billion-dollar industry. Unfortunately, focusing too much on our health is the main reason we are getting sick!

And when we think that we haven’t found the magical solution yet, we try another new thing again and continue the journey of finding the holy grail of health.

Toxic Culture


This is the Toxic Health and Wellness Culture

Our health is really our greatest treasure. We must really work on protecting it. Nothing is wrong with consuming real food, having adequate sleep, exercising regularly, or even having the best practitioner to assist us.

Taking care of our health is not the toxic wellness culture. Rather, it is the belief that true health can be found in “more food,” “more supplements,” “more detoxes,” “more restrictions,” and “more things to try.” As a result, we are so paranoid and stressed out about FODMAPs, dairy, candida, mold, heavy metal toxicity, and more.

In other words, the toxic health and wellness culture trap us in an endless cycle of searching for answers and solutions.

The other day, it was candida. Today, it is carbs. Tomorrow, it could be heavy metal toxicity.

Don’t believe the toxic health and wellness culture! It will just keep on convincing you with the next solution being “the solution.” Until you discover that you never really arrived anywhere.

It’s like a merry-go-round. Guess what? We keep on spinning around in circles, going nowhere.

Toxic Health


5 Signs You Have Fallen Into this Culture’s Trap:

You have fallen into the trap of the toxic health and wellness culture if:

  • You consider certain food groups as the enemy and do your best to avoid them
  • Your focus is all about counting carbs and calories or being vegan or keto rather than eating what feels good for our bodies
  • You do not enjoy your exercise routine, but you do it anyway
  • You believe that the solution for health can be found somewhere else
  • You spend a lot of time researching health issues and ways to treat them

Do not believe everything you think. We become what we believe. If we believe we are unhealthy, that’s the truth for you. Finding a good diet or supplement won’t be able to change that.

The Real Magic Lies in Your Body!

The human body is amazing. It has the magical ability to heal itself. The toxic health and wellness culture force us to believe we are sick. Well, if that’s what we believe, then that will be the truth for us.

Toxic Health and Wellness Culture

Why is it that many of us don’t have enough patience to sit with our discomfort and tune in to what our bodies are saying? Why is it that many people rush on finding the magic formula, not realizing they are poisoning themselves in the process. Since they view it as something good, it’s hard or nearly impossible for them to see it as harmful. 

Are You Willing to End the Cycle?

Intermittent fasting, macro-balancing, carb-cycling, you name it! You may have tried them all. And when it seems like it’s enough, you eliminate gluten, nuts, dairy, and soy to your diet. And when it is still not enough, you start going keto and then going paleo. You’ve tried everything but still come up with nothing.

Running, cycling, Pilates, weightlifting, you name it! You have tried them all too. But the results are still the same.

Not even the best practitioner in town can save you from your health problems! You have tried that option too.

Here are 2 ways to end the toxic wellness cycle:

  1. Avoid obsessing about your health problems and every symptom you are feeling.
  2. Avoid obsessing about food, supplements, practitioners, and exercise programs.
Toxic Wellness Cycle

To be aware of what your body really needs, listen to your own intuition. Eat the food you want to eat. Satisfy your cravings once in a while. Do the exercise routine that you enjoy, even if it’s just walking or jumping on a trampoline.

And more than anything else, listen to your body every single day. You have the ability to know what your body needs. Believe in yourself.

Remember this one thing!

You are not going to ignore the symptoms, but you are not going to fight them. When you feel any symptoms, see it as your body’s way of guiding you. 

Yes, they are uncomfortable. But instead of trying to find the solution outside of you, tune in to your body. Tune in to yourself.

Remember this one thing: Everything we need to heal can be found within, not without.

Resistance only brings suffering and pain

Do not focus on the things outside of you. Focus on loving and taking care of yourself. Resistance only brings suffering and pain. The more you resist, the more your symptoms persist.

What Do We Do Now?

Our bodies won’t last forever. We can clearly see this as we age and decay in various ways. No one will ever find the Holy Grail of Health because it doesn’t exist. Stop obsessing and spinning around in circles. It’s time to end the cycle of health and wellness.

Don’t stop eating healthy, exercising regularly, or seeing your health practitioner. However, you have to be able to sit with your symptoms and accept them as they are, rather than being on “fight or flight” mode every single time.

Magic Pill

Go ahead and support your body. Do your best to take care of it! Don’t make it an obsession though. Stop holding the limiting belief that healing is outside of you. Today is the day to accept your humanity. Listen to your intuition about everything you put in your body. Love yourself, just as you are, symptoms and all.

The answer isn’t found in a magic pill. The answer lies within you.


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