Medisential Enema Bulb Kits Are Made From Premium, Medical-Grade Materials For Your Peace Of Mind.

  • Our Enema Bulb Kit can act as a large stand-alone Bulb, or the hose can be added for greater flexibility and reach.
  • Suitable for those who are chemically sensitive.
  • BPA & Phthalates free.
  • Medisential Guide & Full Instructions included.
  • Bundled with a complete assortment of Soft, Flexible & Hard irrigation enema nozzle tips for you to choose from.
  • An anti back-flow valve is also included, to ensure your enema bulb and silicone enema tube is not cross contaminated, by preventing liquid/enema solution from re-entering the equipment.
  • Our Enema Bulb Kit can also act as an Enema Bag which can be held upside down, to offer the same functionality during an enema procedure.
  • A long reach medical-grade silicone enema hose is also included.
  • Our Enema Bulb Kit is FDA Listed and meets American, Australian & European Health Standards.

7oz Enema Bulb Included.

  • ngeable tips.
  • Medical-grade materials.
  • Designed to retain shape.
  • Perfect for a simple colon cleanse.
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