262 PC First Aid Medical Kit - Bonus Medical Grade Digital Thermometer

First Aid Medical Kit - Bonus Medical Grade Digital Thermometer

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Safe, Versatile & Reliable First Aid Solutions.

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Home Safety


The value of Home Safety has never been more pervasive with a growing state. Take a look at where Americans are situated at today concerning home safety, together with the initial steps you must know in order to provide a safe place for you and your whole family.

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are afflicted by different  types of emergency situations. For that reason, why wouldn’t you possess the essential first aid equipment when that happens to you?

of Americans

are totally equipped and prepared to face an emergency situation; such as tornado, hurricane, or earthquake.

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say that the reason behind their unpreparedness is lack of knowledge. Now, taking proper action will help you become prepared using the basic first aid kit essentials that are extremely helpful during an emergency situation.

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Emergency Kit

262 PC First Aid Medical Kit - Bonus Medical Grade Digital Thermometer.

262 PC First Aid Medical Kit - Bonus Medical Grade Digital Thermometer.

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ALWAYS BE PREPARED – This product will allow you to be READY for UNEXPECTED basic daily circumstances and even wilderness combat field survival trauma situations. Our First Aid kits are used in a variety of situations, including: sea & kayak trips, minor pet accidents and everyday baby misadventures. Stash this kit in your backpack, vehicle glove compartment or medical cabinet for a quick and easy solution to EMERGENCIES.

CONTENTS – Packed with medically chosen strategic first aid items 262 useful and valuable hospital grade medical supplies - See the product images and the product description below for a full list of contents. We are confident that our kit contains more crucial & useful items than any kit out there in the same price bracket.

SAFE, VERSATILE & RELIABLE– Great emergency kit for most daily use or adventures, including: homes, offices, camping, hiking, cars, restaurants, autos, sports, boats, road trips, workplace and schools.

TRUSTED – Complies with American ANSI and OSHA professional standards for most environments (please check our contents for your specific regulations) Manufactured in a modern, sterile FDA registered facility and sold by FDA registered company that has been doing business for 40 years. Purchasing a Medisential Brand First Aid Kit ensures a safe, sterile and regulated product.

VALUE BONUS - Digital Thermometer for your everyday usage. LR41 Battery included! RRP$11.99

Looking for a Complete, Compact, Safe, Versatile & Reliable solution to your First Aid needs?

Medisential have you covered: 1 First Aid user Guide 2 roll Zinc Oxide Adhesive Plaster 20 Adhesive Bandage Small 20 Adhesive Bandage Medium 40 Cotton Tipped Applicators 10 Gauze Pad 7.5*7.5 8 Gauze Pad 10*10 8 PVC gloves 20 Sterile Absorbent Cotton Balls 28 Alcohol Prep Pad 15 Cleansing Wipes 6 Sterile Eye Pack 6 Roll Gauze Bandage 5cm*3.6m 2 Roll stretch Bandage Small 2 Roll stretch Bandage Medium 2 Roll stretch Bandage Large 1 Metal Scissors 1 Metal Tweezers 2 Triangular Bandages 10 Safety Pins 1 Emergency Blanket 2 Instant Cold Pack 1 Mouth to Mouth Breath Mask 1 Electronic Digital Thermometer (BONUS VALUE - LR41 Battery Included) 1 Face mask 3 First aid burn cream 3.5g 3 Sting relief wipes 1 Razor blade 12 Spot bandages 12 Fingertip bandages 12 Knuckle bandages 1 Dust Mask 1 Compact & Flexible Water Resistant First Aid Kit Bag


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