This is a Question we get very often from our customers -

"Should we go for the Enema Kit or just the Bulb/Douche..."

The fact is, these are “brother/sister” tools that are of similar use but with differing process & capacity.

Douching (Anal) is associated with flushing out anal passage prior to anal sex. To implement this process, a "Douche" is used. It is also widely used for constipation relief, otherwise known as “Enema Bulbs”. Both uses are widely used by different types of consumers.

Due to its “Simpler” & quicker use, some people prefer to use them for quick standard enema cleanses, however, given the small capacity, it does not allow for a full cleansing.

On the other hand, we have "Enema Kits", which is widely used for Deep Cleansing - Enema Bag Kits & the more Premium/Age-Resistant Bucket Kit(s) of this type are most commonly used for Deep & Proper Enema/Colon cleansing purposes.

We hope this answered any doubts/question(s) you might've had.

Ultimately, it comes down to - Do you require a Deep Cleansing or a simple Flush?


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